Secretary General Letter


Esteemed Delegates of MUNARC’22
As the Secretary-General of MUNARC’22, it is a great honor to be welcoming you all, on behalf of the Organisation team, to our first, annual session of MUNARC, which shall be taking place between June 3-5.

While we shall be hosting MUNARC’22, online; it has been our foremost priority, as the Organisation team, to deliver you, a comfortable platform to discuss and discover solutions to issues plaguing countless countries throughout our world. Furthermore, we see MUNs as a way to raise awareness on important issues of our time, providing attendees with new perspectives regarding issues discussed, while being a prime avenue for one to improve crucial skills, like public-speaking, negotiation or debating.

In MUNARC’22, we will be hosting 3” committees in total, “2” of which shall be from the “UN General Assembly”, alongside the “Security Council”. These committees re-echo, MUNARC’22’s theme, “Improving Relations and Promoting Cooperation in a Globalised World”.

In conclusion, on behalf of the Organisation team, I invite you to join MUNARC’22, in order to broaden your scope and horizons, on the interrelated issues to be discussed. We hope the entire MUNARC’22 experience, shall hold a special place in your memories, while placing a smile upon you in these tough times.

Best Regards and Wishes


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